You can save Tweet threads that are less than 30 days old to Mindstone from Twitter in two ways.

Using the Mindstone Browser Extension

Just click the "Save" button, like any other link, and we'll add the entire thread to your Mindstone Inbox.

Note: If the Tweet thread is older than 30 days it will be saved as a link rather than a resource.

Using the Mindstone Twitter Bot

You can also save a Tweet thread by replying to the thread on Twitter with the comment "@MindstoneHQ Save". To use this feature you need to first connect your Twitter account to Mindstone. Learn more by reading Connecting your Twitter Account to Mindstone.

save tweet threads integration

Note: If you have not connected your Twitter account to Mindstone the bot will return an error. In this case, before replying to the thread again, please connect your Twitter account first.

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