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Sharing using the Share Extension on iOS
Sharing using the Share Extension on iOS

Learn how to enable the Mindstone Share Extension on iOS and use it to save content from your iOS device.

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The Share Extension makes it easy to save to Mindstone from apps that use the native share menu. Once you've enabled the Share Extension you'll be able to easily save to Mindstone.

Enabling the Share Extension

It only takes a minute to enable the Share Extension.

  1. Tap on the Share button in your Safari web browser.

  2. Scroll right through the app icons and tap on the "More" icon.

  3. Tap on "Edit" in the upper right corner

Find Mindstone and add it to your favourites list by tapping the "+" icon. You can move Mindstone to the top of the list for easier access. Confirm and save your changes by tapping "Done".

Saving via the Share Extension

Now, when you want to save a link to Mindstone, just tap the Share button and select Mindstone.

Having Issues?

You can always email your link. Learn more about sharing via email by reading How to Forward an Email or Link to Mindstone.

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