Mindstone helps you save digital articles, blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, images, and videos. If a page is viewable in your web browser it can be saved to Mindstone. However, it may be displayed differently depending on its contents.

If you're looking for details on how to save to Mindstone, read How to Save to Mindstone.

Text-Based Web Content

Articles, blog posts, many social media posts, and other text-based web pages can be viewed and annotated directly on Mindstone.

Audio-Based Content

Podcasts or other audio-based content can be listened to, transcribed, and annotated directly on Mindstone.

Video-Based Content

YouTube videos, vlogs, or other video-based content can be watched, transcribed, and annotated directly on Mindstone.

Other Web Content

Other web pages that do not fall in one of the above categories will be stored as a web link. Clicking on the resource will open a new tab that takes you directly to the web page itself.

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