Highlighting is key to learning. It helps you identify the important important from your resources and gives you an effective way to review your key takeaways later.

You can create highlights in in Mindstone from our Web, iOS, and Android applications.

Creating & Deleting Highlights

You can create a highlight by simply selecting a portion of text in your resource. Highlighting will change the color of the text background to help it stand out from the rest of the text. It will also save the highlight to your Highlights list.

Create a Highlight

  1. Click or hold your finger on a word that you'd like to include in your highlight.

  2. Expand your selection to include all of the text you'd like to highlight.

  3. Click or tap on Highlight in the annotation menu.

  4. Leave it on the default color, or choose one of the other color options.

Delete a Highlight

  1. Click or tap the highlight you'd like to remove.

  2. Click on the no highlighter icon.

Viewing your Highlights

You can view your highlights via the web application (coming soon on Mobile). Simply click on Highlights in the top menu to view all highlights you've made from any device. You can search for a specific highlight and sort by recently added.

Note: If you only want to view the highlights you've made - and not highlights made by others in a shared workspace - be sure the filter "My highlights only" is switched on.

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