What is "Mark as Done"?
Learn about marking content as "Done" on Mindstone.
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Think of Mindstone as your digital library that stays organized. When you're finished with a piece of content, give it a quick 'Done' stamp. This neat trick shuffles it to the back of your library, letting the fresh, unread stuff take center stage. This way, you'll always know what's next in line and what you've already completed.

"Done" is where you can keep content you have finished for long-term storage. That way you can rest assured that you can revisit a piece of content you've already gone through in the future.

Where to Find Content Marked as Done

Simply go to your Library on any platform, and choose "Done" as a filter. Now you can see all content you've already marked as completed.

Note: You will never get "Done" content in your Flow.

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