What is the Flow?
Learn more about how the Flow works.
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The Flow is your personalized feed designed to help you focus on one piece of content at a time. This ensures you don't become overwhelmed with too much information all at once as it creates a distraction-free zone where you can soak up knowledge from your content at your own pace.

Think of it as your individual learning sanctuary, keeping all the external noise at bay so you can really dive into your chosen content that's most relevant for you. Mindstone does the heavy lifting of managing and organizing your content, so you can slide into your learning flow without any hitches.

How does it work?

Our goal with the Flow is to empower you with the right information to decide what comes next in your learning journey. Our AI curates the content feed based on your learning behavior, preferences, and goals, helping you to make informed decisions.

The Flow shows you a preview for one piece of content at a time. Based on this, you can decide to read it, or move on to the next. This decision making process helps you maximize the time you have for learning, rather than getting overwhelmed by browsing.

By centering your attention on one piece at a time, 'The Flow' aids in maintaining your focus, which is crucial for learning retention and understanding.

In essence, 'The Flow' is more than just a feature - it's a philosophy, a way of learning that Mindstone advocates. It's about moving from scattered to streamlined, from chaotic to coherent, and from distracted to dedicated.

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