Once you have saved a resource on Mindstone it will be sent directly to your Inbox, where you can sort and organize it as needed.

Mindstone supports web articles, podcasts, videos and even email forwards - all of which you can read, watch, and listen back to at any time. All resources can be tagged and easily annotated too, so you can keep notes on important bits you can review later.

Viewing a resource on mobile

On the iOS and Android apps, all resources will load with a menu bar at the bottom, with quick access to tag, archive, and share easily.

The floating annotation bubble lets you add a quick note as you're reading.

If you want to delete the resource permanently or create a report with the Mindstone team (such as reporting a bug, breach of copyright or factual error), you can click on the ellipsis at the top of the Viewer.

Viewing a resource on web

Much like the mobile apps, the action menu is available at the bottom of the resource on the web version of the viewer, so you can tag, archive, share and report the resource when needed.

This section also include the Notes option as the first menu item.

To the left hand side of the Viewer you will find additional information on the resource, including the domain it came from, length of reading, tagged categories, and a quick summary of its key takeaways. This menu can be collapsed or expanded at any time.

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