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How to Import from Pocket
How to Import from Pocket
Have a Pocket account? You can import your content into Mindstone.
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We've made it really easy to import your pocket library into Mindstone. ⚡

Why should you? Importing your content from Pocket to Mindstone eliminates the need to refind and gather all your saved articles. By seamlessly transferring your content, Mindstone allows you to maintain your reading list and continue benefiting from a centralized platform for accessing and managing your valuable content.

💡Currently, you can only import your Pocket from the Mindstone web application.

Importing Pocket

To view your personal forwarding address, go to Settings > Integrations. There, at the top of the page, under the Email section, you'll find the button that kicks off your Pocket import.

Clicking on the button will open a new window where Pocket will ask you for your login credentials. Enter your Pocket login credentials to authorize Mindstone to import your existing reading list into your Mindstone Library.

When your content arrives in Mindstone, it becomes effortlessly accessible. We use AI to enrich every piece with auto-tagging and generate Key Takeaways (read Key Takeaways), ensuring easy discoverability and informed reading decisions.

⏰ This may take a little time depending on the amount of content in your Pocket account.

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