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What is the Library?
What is the Library?
Learn more about what's in your Mindstone Library.
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Your Library is where all of the content you send to Mindstone lives. This helps you keep content your content organized, and see clearly what you've read and what you haven't yet.

Mindstone automatically syncs your Library across all devices. ✨ If you notice your Library is missing content from one of your devices, try refreshing or check the filter setting.

Currently, you can filter your Library, in the web application, by either "Unread"/"Read" or "All" in the upper left hand corner. "Unread" shows you all content you have not yet marked as Done. "Read" shows you all content you have marked as Done. All shows you all content in your Library, regardless of whether or not you have marked it as Done.

Simply tap on the filter option to view the contents of your Library based on the filter.

Previewing Content

Simply click on a piece of content to view a preview, including the Key Takeaways for that article. Click on "Read Article" to open the Viewer and check out the content.

Searching for Content

You can search for your content from anywhere on Mindstone from the web application. Simply type in your search in the top field and see all relevant results.

Currently you can only search for content in your Library from our web application.

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