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Learn how to share content with others on Mindstone.

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Mindstone's sharing feature lets you share interesting content with others in just a few clicks.

You have two main options to share content on Mindstone. The first is by copying the original link to the content piece. To do this, find the content you want to share, click on the 'Share' button and select 'Copy Link.' Just like that, you'll have the original link ready to be pasted in any communication channel of your choice - emails, chat messages, or social media posts.

The other way to share is directly within Mindstone. By using this option, you can send the content to another Mindstone user via email. To do this, hit the 'Share' button on the chosen content, and then select 'Share on Mindstone.' You'll then be able to type in the username or email of the person you wish to share the content with, and voila, they'll find it waiting in their Mindstone account!

Remember, sharing on Mindstone is not only about sharing interesting content. It's about fostering a community of curious minds, sparking engaging discussions, and contributing to your learning.

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