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What is a Learning Objective?
What is a Learning Objective?

Learn how to set a Learning Objective on Mindstone.

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Why do Learning Objectives matter?

Setting an objective is en essential step in any learning journey. By defining what you aim to achieve from your learning, you establish a purpose, making it easier to focus on relevant material and ignore distractions. Objectives also create a benchmark against which you can measure progress, allowing you to track improvements and identify areas that need more attention.

In short, a well-defined learning objective is your roadmap, guiding you from where you are to where you aspire to be, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your learning experience.

Learning Objectives on Mindstone

A Learning Objective is a personal goal, set by you, indicating what you aim to learn or understand better. There are two ways to set up a Learning Objective: create a custom objective or choose from one of our suggested objectives.

Once you've set a Learning Objective, it acts as a compass, re-prioritizing your Flow based on each content piece's relevance to your goal. It's like having a personal guide constantly steering you towards your learning target.

Remember, your learning journey on Mindstone is dynamic, not static. Feel free to change your Learning Objective anytime from the Dashboard. Your Flow will adjust accordingly, keeping pace with your evolving interests and goals.

What if I don't have any content yet?

Don't have any content in your Library yet? That's perfectly fine! Set a Learning Objective anyway, and we'll provide you with some suggested content that is related to your goal. It's our way of giving you a nudge in the right direction.

Creating a Custom Objective

If you have a specific goal in mind, you can go ahead and create your own Learning Objective. All you have to do is type in your learning objective in your own words. We'll analyze your objective, create a plan, and show you the results.

Generating and Choosing a Suggested Objective

If you're unsure, need inspriation, and have a Library brimming with unread content, you can also ask us to suggest a few Learning Objectives for you, based on the key themes we've identified in your Library. Simply choose one, and you're ready to go!

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