What are Mindstreams?

Learn about Mindstreams, a curated feed on your profile that displays your (most recently) consumed content.

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At Mindstone, we believe learning is a shared adventure. This is where Mindstreams comes in. Mindstreams allows you to publicly curate, showcase, and share the content you've developed your skills from on your learning journey.

When you delve into a topic and find it exceptionally insightful, why keep that eureka moment to yourself? With Mindstreams, every piece of content you interact with can be part of a transparent trail, visible for fellow learners to see and be inspired.

Mindstreams is not just another feature; it's a testament to Mindstone’s mission to reimagine social learning. It blurs the line between passive consumption and active participation, making learning an inclusive, community-driven venture.

How does it work?

Every time you complete content from your Flow or Library and mark it as Done, you can opt to include the content in your Mindstream. Think of it as your public ledger of learning; it's a curated list showcasing content you've engaged with and a way for you to share insights about each piece.

Learn more in the article Managing Your Mindstream.

Why add to your Mindstream?

Showcare your Learning Journey

At its core, Mindstreams is a personalized feed of content you've chosen to highlight from your learning journey. But, your Mindstream doesn't just list the content you've consumed; it stands testament to the depth of your engagement with each piece. It acts as a dynamic learning portfolio, transparently showcasing the foundation of your skills. Think of it as a real-time showcase of your engagement with different content.

Get Content Recommendations

Mindstreams isn’t just about showcasing. It acts as a bridge, connecting learners across Mindstone. By looking at someone else’s stream, you get a glimpse into their world of learning, which can be a source of inspiration and discovery for your own journey.

Soon, you’ll be able to follow other learners to make it even easier to automatically get the most relevant content straight to your Flow.

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