Managing Your Mindstream

Learn how to add to and edit your Mindstream.

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Curating content to your Mindstream is a seamless process, designed to keep your learning flow uninterrupted. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started!

Add to Your Mindstream

Every time you complete a piece of content (be it from your Flow or Library), you'll get an opportunity to add it to your Mindstream. After marking this content as Done, you'll spot a toggle option. Simply flip it on, and voilà, the content will be added to your Mindstream. Prefer to keep it private? Just leave the toggle off. Your newly added content will now show up on your Mindstream, ready for others to discover.

Viewing Your Mindstream

All the content you've chosen to show will be listed on your profile under a dedicated tab called "Mindstreams". Here, other users can view the content you've learned from and even add them to their own Flow or Library.

Managing Your Mindstream

We know flexibility is key. Therefore you have full command over the content in your Mindstream.

Removing Content from Your Mindstream

Changed your mind? No problem! Currently, you can remove pieces from the Library by finding the specific article you want to remove. Soon you will be able to effortlessly remove pieces as you see fit directly from your Mindstream on your profile.

Adding Content to Your Mindstream

Missed something? Head over to the Library, where you can easily add content from your Mindstream at any time.

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