Dark Mode on Mindstone

Explore Mindstone's Dark Mode feature.

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Whether you're burning the midnight oil or simply enjoy the darker hues, you have the option to switch to a more eye-friendly theme. πŸŒ™

Why Use Dark Mode?

Dark Mode isn't just about aesthetics. It offers a more comfortable viewing experience, especially in low-light environments, reducing eye strain. Plus, an added bonus: it can help conserve battery life on certain devices.

How to Activate Dark Mode

By default Dark Mode should be aligned with your device's system settings. To change the setting, navigate to Settings.

Two screenshots side by side of the Settings page on the desktop browser view and the mobile view. Arrows point toward Preferences on web and App theme on mobile, showing where to access the Dark Mode setting.
  1. Navigate to Settings: Open up your settings in the Mindstone app on your mobile device or computer.

  2. Choose Your Theme: Here, you'll find options to select from:

    • Automatic: This will sync with your device's system settings.

    • Light: Keep the standard Light Theme.

    • Dark: Activate Dark Theme.

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