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Tap into the power of AI & ChatGPT to dive deeper into content.

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Using AI to dive deeper into content allows you to explore additional insights, perspectives, and explanations beyond what is initially presented. It serves as a valuable resource for comprehensive understanding, clarification of complex concepts, and discovering further connections or related information.

Mindstone's Ask AI feature helps you take this deep dive into content in your account.

Ask AI feature is available via the Viewer.

Starting Ask AI in the Viewer

You can start Ask AI by selecting a portion of text in your piece of content while in the Viewer that you'd like to understand better, or get additional insights on. Once you've selected the text, you will see a menu appear. Select the "Ask AI" option from the menu.

View on Web

Highlight any section to either ask a specific or general question about the resource. The Ask AI module will expand under the annotation menu options.

View on iOS

Highlight any section to either ask a specific or general question about the resource. The Ask AI module will be displayed in a fullscreen view.

What can you ask?

To deep dive on the selected piece of content, you can either:

  • Select one of the quick action options

    • Summarize - Use this to generate a concise synopsis, to help you get a quick comprehension and extraction of essential information from the selected text.

    • Simplify Meaning - Use this to obtain clear and informative explanations, helping you to better understand complex concepts or unfamiliar terms within the chosen text.

    • Translate - Use this for translations into another language in the menu option.
      โ€‹If the language you want is not listed, try typing out your request in the Ask AI chat box instead.

  • Type out a question in the Ask AI chat box

Save to Notes, Post as Comment, Try Again or Discard

If you find the response from Ask AI helpful, and want to save it for future reference, at the end of the dialogue you can save it as a note or post it as a comment. It will appear along side the highlight. If you do not wish to move forward with the generated response, choose Discard ("x").

Not satisfied with the generated response? You can also let Ask AI try again for a better answer or edit your prompt to improve the response you get.

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