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Welcome To Mindstone.
Welcome To Mindstone.
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A big welcome from all of us here at Mindstone!

The word "learning" mentally puts many of us in a classroom based environment. We associate learning with formal education, and whilst qualifications remain relevant in today's environment, we've long ago left the classroom environment behind.

But learning doesn't stop there. The truth is, learning is like breathing - we do it every single day, without even thinking about it. But, we miss out on a lot by not being more conscious of it. So what if we became more mindful? Took steps to truly engage with the content we interact with daily anyways. Would it be great to get even more out of these little daily learning moments, and be able to showcase it to others? This is where Mindstone comes in.

How does Mindstone work?

1) Set a learning objective to sharpen your focus.

2 screenshots from the Mindstone app. The first shows, with an arrow pointed at the edit button, how to edit or add a learning objective. The second screen shows the next step in the process where you can choose between a recommended objective or to set your own.

This conscious decision about what you're going to learn about and how, will increase your success chances by 90%.

2) Add content you find.

Either from your mobile or desktop extension, share all the interesting content you find to Mindstone. We'll look through everything and put the most relevant pieces (based on your learning objective) first. We’ll even provide you with a curated selection of great pieces too from our Library.

3) Get in the Flow whenever you have a few minutes.

We’ve designed a reading experience so you can become beautifully & productively absorbed with the right content for you. This deep focus is a big part of what leads to improved learning.

4) Actively engage and dive deeper into content.

Active engagement doesn't have to mean huge effort. Even small moments of being proactive and consistent will lead to mastery. Our annotation and Q&A through AI puts your brain in learning mode. Everything you capture is safely stored - think of us as your second brain.

5) Be recognised for your effort.

Each moment on Mindstone builds your learning profile. Earn experience points, review your behaviors, and see tangible evidence of the skills you’re developing.

Deep Learning, Easily Done

Mindstone isn't about taking up more of your time, it's about maximizing the time you have. We're here to turn mindless content consumption into a mindful, often collaborative, learning experience. Going deeper with a piece of content makes the process more joyful, and most importantly, helps you build actionable knowledge.

Mindstone supports articles, Apple podcasts, emails, and YouTube videos. We'll even transcribe the content from your audio and video content, meaning you can highlight a part that stands out to you. You can learn more from these articles on How to Save to Mindstone and What Can be Saved to Mindstone.

We're always here to help and listen. We're sending you loads of luck as you embark on this exciting journey.

Happy Learning!

The Mindstone Team

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