What is Trivia?

Learn about Trivia, an active learning feature on Mindstone.

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Mindstone's ongoing commitment to enhancing your learning journey has led to the introduction of the Trivia feature, a valuable addition to your learning flow. Trivia is designed to both check and reinforce your understanding of the content you consume and reward your active engagement.

Where can I find the Trivia?

After you’ve marked a piece of content as Done on Mindstone, you'll now be offered the chance to answer a bonus trivia question. This question serves dual purposes: it allows you to test your comprehension of the material you just engaged with and gives you the opportunity to earn extra Evidence Points (EP).

How does it work?

When you choose to answer the bonus trivia question, you'll get a multiple choice format question with three distinct answers of varying levels of correctness. You'll have a 30-second window to select an answer, promoting a quick recall of your understanding.

Upon making your choice, you'll get immediate feedback, explaining the rationale behind each answer option. This immediate reflection can solidify your grasp on the content.

Why is this feature beneficial?

First, it reinforces what you've learned. It’s common to finish content and feel a bit uncertain about how well you've absorbed the key points. The trivia question acts as a timely checkpoint, offering instant clarity on your understanding.

Second, it gives you recognition for your active learning. Your extra effort in learning deserves acknowledgment. Earning additional EP via the trivia is Mindstone's way of celebrating your proactive approach. Keep an eye out for more active learning features in the future.

How to access Bonus Trivia?

When you're ready to mark a piece of content as Done from your Flow or Library, simply tap or click on the Done button. You'll then be prompted with the bonus trivia option (if available).

The Bonus Trivia feature reflects Mindstone's continual aim to offer tools that optimize your learning process. By intertwining comprehension checks with tangible rewards and a seamless user experience, we hope to elevate each moment you spend with content on our platform.

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