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What are Learning Boosters on Mindstone?
What are Learning Boosters on Mindstone?

Discover Mindstone's AI-Powered features that help you learn better & faster.

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Learning Boosters are a set of AI-powered features designed to personalize your learning experience by helping you focus on key information and actively test your understanding. Here's a breakdown of how each feature works:

AI Recommended Highlights & Notes

Mindstone's AI analyzes the learning materials you encounter, including articles, videos, and other content. Based on your personal learning goal set within the app, the AI identifies and highlights sections directly relevant to those goals. Where relevant the AI also provides additional information with notes and explanations to provide deeper insights into the highlighted sections.

AI highlights and comments are differentiated from other highlights and comments in your Viewer by a distinct Purple (๐ŸŸฃ).

Inline Trivia

As you progress through learning materials, AI-powered trivia questions will appear within the content. These questions test your grasp of the information you're encountering.

Answering trivia questions correctly contributes to your EPs (Evidence Points), which serve as a measure of your progress and skill development within Mindstone.

Regardless of whether you answer correctly or not, you'll receive immediate feedback and explanations. This helps you learn from mistakes, identify areas requiring further study, and solidify your knowledge retention.

Each question can only be answered once. This helps you focus and really consider your response.

How Are Inline Trivia Questions Created?

When you open a resource, our AI analyzes it, breaking it down into smaller sections. It focuses on the most important ideas within those sections. Then, the system generates simple yes/no questions designed to test your understanding of the key concepts.

Note: Mindstone is constantly evolving, and the functionalities and options of Learning Boosters may be further enhanced in the future.

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